The rest of our NYC story: How we got from there to here, Part 1

When I finished my tale of how we finally settled in NYC, I had gotten a job after two months of blasting through our savings like a golf club through glass. Well, here are the highlights since then. This is mostly a 2009 recap, conveniently done at the end of the year when blogs do such things.

Nov 2008: For our first Thanksgiving in NYC, our few friends here were gone. A girl from our church sent an email around, opening their Thanksgiving dinner up to anyone in town without plans. We saw the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with prime spots in Central Park, and then, being the types that like to eat others’ food, we went (and brought something, too (i think)). We met the girl (Katie) and her boyfriend (Jeremy) and enjoyed Thanksgiving with strangers who were to become friends.

Dec 2008: We celebrated my birthday with our few friends at a local diner called Big Daddy’s. Quite appropriate, since at 5’5, I am definitely a big daddy. Our first NYC snows fell later in the month, and we enjoyed the fresh experience while the locals watched us make snow angels. In 2 inches of snow. In the street. Actually, we kept our cool and enjoyed the snow safely.

After an early Christmas trip to Florida to be with families, we returned here to marvel at the department store Christmas windows and the tree in Rockefeller Center. New Year’s Eve was bitterly cold, so we spent it alone in the Cool Studio.

Jan 2009: Cool Mum’s childhood friends visited NYC and spent a lot of time with us. They saw the Cool Studio. They wept.

Feb 2009: Our church opened a service on the Upper East Side, just a few blocks from our place. This changed us. We had friends at the Upper West Side service, but it was difficult to make it over there during the week to get to know people well. Now, we were meeting people in our neighborhood, just minutes away, that we could live life with.

Oh, and we spent Valentine’s Day at the IKEA cafeteria. I know how to show my lady a good time. Actually, if you knew Cool Mum, then you’d know that cafeteria food is dear to her heart. Points scored for CD.

March 2009: While still cold, the first signs of spring were in the air. The most hardy flowers were blooming through the frost. We saw U2 in person as Mayor Bloomberg renamed part of W 53rd Street “U2 Way” during their weeklong stint on Letterman. The band walked back into the CBS studio, and we left. I said bye to CM while she ducked into a cafe to warm up.

As I was walking to the subway, I saw a crowd in front of a restaurant along with plenty of police. Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr. were sitting inside. I turned around to get CM and a column of police headed toward me. I realized that Adam Clayton and The Edge were walking right by me. I thought, “If I could only touch the hem of The Edge’s coat, I could be a decent guitar player.” I didn’t. I got CM and CB out of the cafe, and we watched U2 scan their menus for a little while.

April 2009: My friend in Indianapolis forwarded me a photoshoot call for a major magazine. They were looking for recent arrivals to New York. We weren’t sure if it was legit, but we figured that New York is a safe, happy place where one is ever taken advantage of. So we pulled out our new $200 Pollo Ralph Laurez umbrella that we bought on the street and headed to the studio. The photoshoot turned out to be very legit.

Because of this photo and our vain desire to share it with you all, we decided it was also time to break our 1.5-year code of anonymity. On April 16, we unveiled a new blog design and our names. We’re still waiting for the New York Times to cover the story.

May 2009: Most people would go crazy being holed up in a 200-sq ft box with a 2-year-old for over 10 minutes. We did it for six months in the Cool Studio. We had good times in that little place, but the novelty had worn off, just like the paint on that spot of the wall where I would bang my head. We searched and found an affordable 1-bedroom apartment in a great area of the Upper East Side. Our current management company, so we were able to just switch apartments without having to find someone to fill the Cool Studio. With the help of a couple of friends (one of which was just visiting for the weekend – we have no shame), we moved to our new place, conveniently located on the 5th floor of a walkup (no elevator) building.

Later that month, we went to Hartford, CT with our friends Katie and Jeremy (of Thanksgiving fame). What was in Hartford that was worth leaving NYC for? Coldplay. K and J watched CB while CM and I saw the other CM (Chris Martin), JB, GB, and WC. Amazing show. For me, only second to the U2 Vertigo tour. We felt kind of bad that we didn’t take CB, but his little ears couldn’t handle it.

That’s enough catching up for one post. Come back next time as we count down the biggest hits of the Cool Fam’s 2009!

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