Cool Baby and the Gap Casting Call: stardom averted

cool-baby-gap-casting-callToday, I was hoping to unleash a huge announcement that would change our lives forever. Unfortunately, the judges of the babyGap Casting Call didn’t have the same, correct vision.

babyGap and GapKids are holding an online casting call. Parents submit a few pictures of their kids, and judges select finalists for the public to vote on. We figured that Cool Baby had a good shot because

  1. As the R&B trio TLC would say in a kid-friendly way, CB is crazycutecool.
  2. Because there is a judging process, CB would have a better chance than other popularity contests where people get their friends and family to just votebomb the site (which is not cool).

To my disappointment, I checked the Gap Casting Call site this morning to see that the finalists were selected, and CB was unrighteously not among them. I haven’t tracked down the finalists’ selected photos, but I guess they were galaxies better than the ones we submitted for CB.

With 900,000 photos submitted, I know that the odds are not necessarily with us, but CB’s extreme cuteness should have given us some advantage. My plan was perfect: submit the pictures, have the judges do their duty and select CB as a finalist, and then, of course, have you guys votebomb the site.

I’m wondering what recourse we have now. Naturally, my first instinct was to find out Gap’s biggest rival and get CB to become their spokestoddler. Have his peanut butter complexion, big brown eyes, and curly locks make him THE face of childrens fashion and leave the Gap to rue their missed opportunity. Then, I decided to just make chocolate chip pancakes.

So, the only big announcement I have is that Cool Baby is still crazycutecool, and I’m still grateful to God to be his Cool Dad. I guess that makes me the big winner. Cute.

6 notes on “Cool Baby and the Gap Casting Call: stardom averted

    1. cool dad Post author

      Thanks, Mary. Yeah, Gap doesn’t know Jack (even though he is one of their finalists). I will stubbornly boycott the Casting Call until it opens again next year.

  1. paul merrill

    Gap Baby is for rich parents. So be thankful that your baby was not plugging those clothes.

    (But the same clothes at the Goodwill? Score!)

    Anyhow, he is cute enough to have won…


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