Cool Duel – Which one is cooler: Twitter or Facebook?

I haven’t done a Cool Demographic Survey on this, but I bet most of you use either Facebook or Twitter. Many of you probably use both.

Cool Mum consistently uses Facebook to keep friends and family updated on our (mis)adventures here. She’s not a Twitterer. And chooses not to be for fear of Cool Baby scaling the Empire State Building a la King Kong while she’s tweeting her latest celeb sighting. He does have apeish tendencies after all.

I both tweet and ‘book in waves. I love to communicate, but as work and other projects come and go, so does the time that I can spend on those sites. Maybe if I picked one site to focus on, that would help.

So, help a cool dad out. Of course, I need to be on the site where the coolest, hippest, and bestest happenings are going down. Thus, the need for a social media Cool Duel.

Which one is cooler: Twitter or Facebook?

6 notes on “Cool Duel – Which one is cooler: Twitter or Facebook?

  1. Kara

    If you use “youth” to define cool, it’s definitely FB. Twitter seems to be for an older crowd at this point (older as in not HS/college). This from a 32-year old whose 21-year old sister just referred to someone as “really old, I think he’s 30″…


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