If you knew us, you wouldn’t like us

  • We only eat at cheap restaurants or ones that we have coupons for.
  • We talk about our flaws too much.
  • We ask a lot of questions.
  • We don’t get haircuts as often as we should.
  • Our clothes are not very fashionable and are a little run-down.
  • We like to talk about the places we’ve been.
  • We don’t like the beach.
  • We use PCs.
  • We prefer game nights over movie nights.
  • We have cheapo cable and a TV that we found on the sidewalk.
  • We three are crammed into a little studio apartment.
  • We’re a little paranoid.
  • We don’t drink coffee.
  • We almost never watch movies, even though we’d like to.
  • Our furniture is either second-hand or really cheap.
  • I like nerdy sci-fi that you probably don’t.
  • We actually eat the food at parties instead of playing it cool.
  • We don’t play hard-to-get.
  • I don’t have a career.
  • We write vague, self-centered posts.

I’ll explain.

6 notes on “If you knew us, you wouldn’t like us

  1. RaquelTWG

    I will do a bullet-by-bullet comment:

    – That’s totally fine. I’m pretty cheap too and I don’t even need to be.
    – I do too. It’s not necessarily a good thing, but I can’t judge!
    – Me too.
    – My clothes aren’t worn down, but they aren’t really stylish. My shoes though…very run down. I don’t like buying new shoes. Too expensive.
    – I hate the beach. *e-high-five*
    – Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat. But hate this boat. I’m saving for a Macbook.
    – I do too. Well, unless you mean video game nights. Haha.
    – Hey whatever it takes to save money.
    – It may be crammed, but it doesn’t make you guys any less cool.
    – Oh man. Queen of Paranoia right here.
    – Now this I don’t understand. -2 cool points. Haha.
    – Again, my furniture too.
    – Yeah, I don’t like nerdy sci-fi. Although LOST is considered Sci-Fi…but it’s definitely NOT nerdy!
    – Amen, BBFF.
    – Uhhhhhhh. It depends on what you mean. Haha.
    – Me neither. But I’m in high school so I shouldn’t have a career yet.
    – I like your posts. And I’m not just saying that because I’m your BBFF. Mostly.


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