Cool Dad confession booth

Reality shows love the confession booth, where their contestants sit in front of a camera annoyed, teary-eyed, angry, talking about how the situation or their fellow contestants are making their lives miserable.

This is my confession booth.

I tend to exaggerate, but since I’ve been up since 4:00 AM trapped in a studio apartment with a screaming toddler, I feel like I’ve earned the right. So do our neighbors.

1.5 jobs. $1500/mo rent on top of a house in FL that won’t sell. A whole lot extra for insurance every month.

If this were a Cool Home Showdown post, I would give NYC a -1000 right now. Call it complaining, call this whole ‘chasing a dream’ thing stupid, call it having no idea where our lives are headed.

I just know that there are things about City That Never Sleeps that are starting to get old.

4 notes on “Cool Dad confession booth

  1. cool mum

    Thanks Mary! I often wonder how much of our difficulties are due to the simple fact that we have a toddler, or if it really is just our family being impacted by the move. I lean towards the toddler thing since I’ve heard from others that it’s difficult no matter what. I guess we can’t blame him for the high rent though!

    And to all who were wondering, we ended up getting him to sleep from 7am-9am this morning! So we got another 2 hours after being up for 3. Yes!

  2. ScottMocha

    I know that for me, the honeymoon has been over for a few months, and the cuteness of certain “things” about Paris are also becoming less cute. I am thankful to have a mission to lean against here for those 4am wakeup sessions (albeit sans l’enfant pour moi.) I think everything you are experiencing is normal, and half of the fun of this journey. I seem to also find a way to tell myself (a lot) that most people would have turned around or quit by now… I just keep thinking about how cool it will be to NOT be one of those.

    Just my 2 cents, all the way from Paris. Much love to the cool fam, and I miss our chats. I am praying for you all though, my sister travelers, dream-chasers, life-livers… hang in there!

  3. Amy Wright

    I really appreciate your honesty (and Mocha’s, too! ) – it helps others of us to remember to count the cost before being swept away in the romance of adventure… not to say that we wouldn’t still do it, but it’s important to know that it’s not 100% awesome.

  4. Tam

    im with the mocha-man, theres a certain honeymoon period to most all things in life. its like a marriage…you commit to it, but you still gotta keep it fresh and new.

    i dunno. ive never done what you all have done either. which i still think is about the coolest thing ever!

    i know when we were super stressed about our finances (during our bankruptcy) our perspective on everything changed. and not for the better. our stress kinda trumped our joy. im not in any way suggesting thats whats happening with you all, cuz i have no idea…im just saying it certainly can have an effect on us.


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