Cool Chatting – Monday night 9PM EST!

I’ll go ahead and actually plan ahead for the Cool Chat tomorrow night at 9. Block off a little time and hang out with all the very fun and friendly bloggers who chat it up here.

3 notes on “Cool Chatting – Monday night 9PM EST!

  1. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect

    Hey guys! I hope I get to chat tonight. A friend needed to chat (face to face), so she’s coming over tonight. Good chatting if I miss you! :)

  2. Raquel TWG

    I’ve felt so bad lately because I’ve been so busy. Monday nights are getting so crazy. A lot of things I’d like to do, only one “me”!

    But I guess I’ve been letting the adults talk their adult talk without interrupting (:

  3. cool dad

    pq – hope to see you there, but that’s awesome that you’re being a good friend!

    raq – maybe you can outsource yourself for those other things and let the real you chat with us. :)


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