My absence and the Cool Duel winner!!!

Hey y’alls. Recent activities include a 15-hour road trip and rocking it out. Internet has been intermittent, so I’m typing this furiously at a Starbucks.

Thanks for everyone who entered and voted in the Cool Duel! It comes down to tie between Entry 3 and Entry 5. So, let me ask my compadre here which number he likes better…

And he likes… 5!! And that would be Mandy Conforth of Get the Lead Out!!!

So, congratulations to Mandy for winning the Cool Duel. This is something that you will treasure always. Or at least until you $10 iTunes gift card runs out.

OK, getting pulled out of the ‘Bucks for now. Hopefully stop in again soon.

3 notes on “My absence and the Cool Duel winner!!!

  1. Rachel

    Hooray for Cool Duel winners!

    And it sounds like you’re having fun. =) Try not to go too crazy without the Internet.


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