Oh, you like this, too? Hmm…

The Lost season finale is tonight! I love the feeling of looking forward to a show all day long. However, since Lost is basically the only TV show I follow, I don’t get that feeling often.

Part of why I (or we) don’t watch anything else is that it feels like there’s nothing good out there. American Idol and The Office used to be appointment television, but they’ve lost their appeal. Ironically, they’re both at dizzying heights of popularity right now. I think there’s a connection.

My cynical nature tends to like things less once they got popular. Lost is the exception, but The Office is a good example. CM is still a fan, but it’s hit-or-miss to me.

The first two seasons were great. Maybe it was the novelty of it. Maybe the characters’ odd behaviors were refreshing, especially Michael’s. Over the past two years (Season 4 just ended), I’ve felt that Michael can do only so many over-the-top things and say only so many inappropriate remarks. Jim can do only so many things at Dwight’s expense. And I can use the phrase “only so many” only so many times in one post.

Are those accurate observations or just excuses for not liking something that’s popular?

This is common with music fans. Have you heard anyone brag about liking an artist when they were obscure, but not liking them once they hit it big? I used to be like that, but fortunately kept my mouth shut about it.

In the case of the The Office, I think it’s more of me not finding it as funny and fresh than me not wanting to follow a popular show. I’ve tried to rid myself of letting what other people like affect what I like. That’s a gross attitude to have.

Does anyone else ever feel this way or am I the Lone Cynic?

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5 notes on “Oh, you like this, too? Hmm…

  1. Tam

    i dont know if it’s cynical as much as it is perceptive. i think you’re on to something here actually. I lose my interest in things that have gotten “too big”. maybe I just like going for the underdog. the under appreciated. hmmmm…got to ponder this one more.

    btw – you and mum have inspired brent and me to have some fun tonight on our blogs. pop over to see what we’re doing if you can pull yourself away from Lost long enough. we’re starting at 6pm pst.

  2. Lindsey

    I’m definitely the same way as far as liking things less once they become popular. I guess I’m a snob in that regard. It’s just like…you knew about something special, but now EVERYONE knows so it’s not so special anymore.

    I’m so surprised about the office! I thought this past season had some of the funniest moments yet!

  3. cool dad

    nice to know i’m not the only one who feels this way. thanks! we’re united in our snobbery.

    sorry to disappoint about the office. we’ve only watched 4 or 5 eps of this season. maybe it’ll grow on me again.

  4. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect

    I have a bad habit of doing what you mention – consciously not liking something that’s popular. For me, I think it’s (unfortunately) an attempt to be cool. Because the coolest people I know all like things that are out of the ordinary (classic books I never got around to reading, edgy music I’ve never heard on my radio, foreign films that have – gasp! – subtitles). You know those people – the ones too cool to watch American Idol?

    I’m well aware that this tendency of mine does not, in fact, make me cool. But darned if I can stop trying!

    (That being said, I also will agree with you that this last season of The Office was not great.)


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