Per your request: photos!

The Hambricks requested some of our family photos from Easter. You know, I don’t seem to be able to find them! Gosh! But what we do have are some vacation photos to try to make up for it:

Here’s when we went to Egypt. It was a lot of work to pull this one off. I think my back still hurts from that climb! Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the ancient curse that translates to English as “Cursed is he who rides on the back of the Great Sphinx.” When we got home, he poo-stained our favorite Pooh PJs.

Here’s when we went to New York City. The boy has a shirt with a bulldozer on it, so he got really excited when we passed a construction site. The ironworkers were kind enough to let him pose for this fun shot.

Here’s when we went to a rock band concert. The lead guitarist was nice enough to let the boy be his amp tech for the evening. Don’t worry – the boy’s wearing in-ear monitors, so his hearing was safe!

Here’s when we went to the South Pacific. We got turned around while exploring an island, but these nice people helped us find our tour boat again. Some of them even joined us, but we only had room for 6.

If you already haven’t guessed it, April Fools! We were just kidding — Cool Baby wasn’t really the amp tech. He’s just a baby! He was just crawling around up there for fun.

(really, photos: Michael Sze, Paul Keleher, tammylo)

8 notes on “Per your request: photos!

  1. Rachel

    The blogosphere is ruthless with its April Fool’s jokes! Brody really has me guessing if he’s serious or not…I can’t imagine the cult-de-sac would let him go to jail for 12 days.

    I’m not cool enough to play a joke…haha. Maybe I’ll come up with something to pull on my roommates tonight.

  2. cool dad

    looking forward to hearing what outrageous stunt you pull on your roommates!

    a rubber band or tape on the sink sprayer is a classic, by the way.

  3. Rachel

    Well, I only managed to pull something on my roommate’s boyfriend, who is also a good fried of mine…but I’m thrilled it worked because he’s hard to to “get,” and he even admitted it. I’ll tell the story here briefly, since I probably won’t blog about it.

    We’re all in the process of moving and somehow his jeep ended up at my old apartment complex last night…so when I came home from work to start moving stuff out, I texted him and (completely lying) told him my complex had put a boot on his car. Apparently he freaked out…and he called me a little bit later and was seriously about to march over to my leasing office to take care of business.

    A small joke…but nonetheless satisfying. He was duly impressed. I should be nice to him though, since he’s helping me move today. haha



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